Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Neglible

Inspired by Tom Phillip's altered book, A Humument, I have begun my own altered text book and will share the process here on this blog.

So, the details of my project - I'm using a hard back copy of The New English Bible measuring 5.5" by 9". I know that some folk may be offended by my choice of book and that is why I have chosen to be open about it. I don't want to tout my religious beliefs here, that's not what this blog is about, but what I will say is that I feel what I will be doing will be an enhancement of the words NOT an abuse. My aim is to let the text I choose inspire the artwork surrounding it. I don't want to use any 3D materials but rather just pens, paint, pencils, crayons, inks etc with a little collage maybe. This may all change as the project moves along of course! For me this is about experimenting, about creating a personal version of A Humument style altered book and about sharing the process.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

What a super way of reading the Bible more!

12:04 AM  

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